Living with a genetic Heart Disease that affects youth, and finding out she had it all her life, Heather was devastated. However, following treatment and heart surgery, Heather is strong and healthy and brings uplifting heartfelt stories and songs to the classroom. She will explain briefly what hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is and the treatment for such a disease.

Doctors spend hours and hours researching and learning as much as possible to help patients live well with heart disease. It is only through the help of fundraising programs like Jump Rope for Heart that funds can be raised to help provide Doctors with treatment options for people. Wow! How lucky to live in this day and age with technology and expert care!

But of course the program is not gloomy and grim! It’s all about lifting our spirits and hearts through heart pumping healthy stories and songs to feel the best that we possibly can.

Heather now has an implanted defibrillator to keep her safe – she calls her personal paramedic “Antonio”!


*This program will also be adapted for teens and older audiences to suit a speaker’s platform.