The Oral Tradition

Concerts and presentations will be presented in the oral tradition. I will be telling stories as they were once told in villages and by story collectors throughout the early centuries, long before television, computers and technology came into our world.

These stories traveled with the storyteller and were delivered, often with musical accompaniment, to kings and queens, dignitaries, and to people in markets and courtyards; in the dark around fires or candles, and were heard in several countries around the world. They were stories from all cultures and walks of life. Storytellers were valued and respected, as they rehearsed well and delivered with passion and believability.

Their stories taught about life, rich history, and universal humanity.

Everyone Loves a Good Story

Most people in a community can relate to hearing stories while growing up, and, of course, we ALL express our experiences by telling what happened on a particular day – this is part of storytelling too. As adults and children, we love to hear good tales, and we are enriched by being given the opportunity to use our imagination and visualize the images in our head.

Stories in the Modern Age

Modern day storytellers are committed to keeping stories and music alive by sharing some of the most famous and wonderful fairy tales, folk tales and legends of all time, and, as in the days of yore, some tellers also include their own tales.
Ironically, they retrieve many traditional stories from computer sites dedicated to storytelling! And we find great book sources by going to the libraries in our communities. We don’t have to travel too far to find amazing stories these days – how wonderful that there were story collectors!

Heather also writes personal stories and family memoir pieces for adults, teens and older audiences. Some humorous, others more sensitive.

Through laughter, tears, sighs, and sometimes a “pin drop” atmosphere, Heather enjoys sharing stories that touch on social issues, humanity, and give insight into life’s struggles.

All true to life and sprinkled with reality…except for the stories you will be led to believe are true!

In one of her favorite presentations Stories Behind Songs, Heather enlightens adults and teens with anecdotes and trivia about contemporary and traditional ballads and songs, and shares the background behind some of her self-penned songs.

Heather’s sessions always include music interspersed with the rhythm of story.

Her delightful folk style has been described as ‘artistic’ ‘highly educational’ ‘interesting’ ‘refreshing’ ‘charming’ and ‘bluesy cool!’

Heather is a regular voice with Durham Storytellers, Storytelling Toronto and Storytellers of Canada, as well as an occasional guest on speaker platforms such as moMondays,  MARSTalk and MAW Vocal Arts, contributing music and story sprinkled with pathos and humour.

She has performed at many venues in Durham Region such as Parkwood Estates, Whitby Theatre, Saint Francis Centre for the Arts; at libraries, schools and senior centres, to JP Fitzpatrick and Son and Dubliner’s Irish pub!

Her appearances have also included the Gladstone Hotel, Harbourfront Centre, Daniel’s Spectrum and Hard Rock Café in Toronto; the FLAME at Cottage Bistro in Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia Liar’s Contest (third place winner), as well as in the Maritimes, California, South Carolina and Buenos Aires.

Above all, Heather loves to gather and draw people in to just enjoy and be with her in the moment!